Later in the movie however, she wishes Beca a good spring break and appears to have opened up more to her roommate.Beca is sitting at the table, alone after her argument with Aubrey.She majors in sarcasm and biting comments.Kimmy then wishes Beca a happy spring break.Kimmy Jin only befriends other Korean students, but not anyone else, most likely because they both remind her of home(Korea, presumably) and they have similar interests and are very reserved, whereas most other Barden students are very free spirited.She would later be seen in the movie, making a brief cameo, where she is seen with two other friends of hers, sitting on the couch, watching a movie with 3D glasses. Mad. She says this as she leaves the room after Beca's dad enters.When she first got there, Kimmy was already there and when Beca tried to talk to her, she ignored her.Kimmy Jin is an introverted girl who prefers to socialize with familiar faces rather than strangers.She is an anti-social and introverted Korean student at Barden who doesn't socialize with many people outside of her small group of friends and the KSA.When she is with other Asians, she acts like a normal, fun-loving college student and happily socializes with them.She was Beca's roommate when she went to college.Though she wasn't seen on screen when she did this and sounded pretty unenthusiastic, this implies that over time Kimmy Jin began to like Beca a little more.She left to go to the activity fair and joined the Korean Student Association where she was shown to be more open and sociable with the other Korean students.

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When she stepped into the plain white room, a girl who was decorating a wall looked over at her.The cab slowed to a halt and let her out.Half an hour later, another knock from the door grabbed Beca's attention.Sitting in the cab on the way to Barden University, Beca gripped the scratched device in her hand, the cold surface resting familiarly in her palm.A gorgeous girl with curly red hair and piercing blue eyes stared at her, a leaflet in her outstretched hand.Suddenly, the car sped off, jerking him back into the seat. Jual Anime Fate Apocrypha Cosplay Costumes Darnic. She pulled the black bag out of the trunk and let it fall to her side.Didn't want to inconvenience you and Sheila. “Don’t blow it unless it’s actually happening.She continued along the path, students crossing on front of her every few steps.” She handed Beca a map and went to hand her a whistle before pulling it out of the smaller girl’s reach.After finding the right building, it took Beca no more than 10 minutes to find her room. “Ok.A knock at the door snapped her out of her happy place.She could feel them building back up, causing a heat to grow in her stomach.Beca’s greeter had seemingly finished giving her directions and was now handing her some type of welcome package.A student in a yellow polo ran to the trunk, ready to help her..The girl beside him shriek, horrified by her cuddly toys being subjected to the dirty grass.Seeing the childish design she scoffed internally, careful to not let her true feelings show.She had allowed the man to take her suitcases since they were clearly labelled to be hers.It was the least he could do since she didn't let him pick her up from the airport.They were holding up sings with numbers on them, changing the number whenever a new girl walked past. Mystic messenger 707 x yoosung. Since she was there she might as well try and find a club she was interested in.As she was coming to terms with her location, a perky blonde girl popped into her line of sight.The whole way there, Beca had been working on a new mix. “Welcome to Barden University.Kimmy had found solace at the Korean Student Assn.The lawn around the dorm was flooded with students.Even when she was little, she preferred her own company.For some reason it helped to calm her nerves.Not long after she got there, a booth with the words 'BARDEN DJs' Caught her attention.However, her focus was shattered when a silver car drove by, stopping temporarily directly in front of her. “Uh, Baker Hall, I think,” She said, her eyes resting on the woman in front of her.She had checked with Kimmy if it was alright to play her music aloud which was answered with a small nod from her roommate.

You can also look out for her in Shameless (2011), The Fosters (2013), The Real O'Neals (2016), and Angel from Hell (2016).Celebrity Names with the Letter J: Part 7.She is best known for her iconic role as Kimmy Jin in The Hit Girls (2012).How much of Jinhee Joung's work have you seen?

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Beca hadn’t even entertained the idea that her dad might have. She didn’t have a plan, but she’d make one once she got to Los Angeles.Ten more minutes, she told herself, glancing at her watch.Sometimes, Beca got to hear her Soulmate singing. “Have I tempted you?” “No.She hated when he did that-pretended to care. Black Widows and Orphans Chapter 1. She was pretty sure her Soulmate was a girl.That’s why she knew if she could just get to L. “Yeah.It'd taken a while, but they figured it out.Inside, the emptiness was waiting for her.A.She could almost feel her Soulmate relaxing too. But when her mother turned to drugs, Beca’s father abandoned her. Good luck on your final tomorrow.Usually mellow music or party music played after.You know how much I’m trying with my abs!” He lifted his shirt to reveal a slight ripple of fat, but nothing exorbitant. “Beca?” he repeated, louder this time. “Jesse! Stop! Stop!” He let her go.She waited for more music to start, slight upbeat bounces, pop. He moved on.Soulmates can’t cheat the system. Leave me alone. Fanfics de Naruto com Kaguya Ootsutsuki. It disgusted her.Her father had taken away her music privileges until after finals.She honestly could have done better, but didn’t care enough to try harder.Her least favorite.” Jesse stood too. “God I’d kill for a cheeseburger. Jesse.Meanwhile, Beca got the midnight hours and her Soulmate, the early morning times.” He opened his mouth to reply, but Beca had already rushed into her house, and bolted the door behind her.The only reason he got her a free ride to Barden was because he was a professor there.” Jesse wrinkled his nose at her-Beca wasn’t sure if he was teasing her or frustrated-and then licked his lips.She pulled out the last TV Dinner from the freezer.” It wasn’t a question. “I’ll walk you home. Beca hated him for that. “I’m going home.Her Soulmate got five to seven everyday and Beca didn't interfere.Her Soulmate.Beca goes to college and finds out who her Soulmate is, though not at first.Your comment will not appear until it has been approved by the creator.When her brain was not barraged with wrong notes and voices, Beca began to relax. Let her go.It’s always vegetables and Chinese food.Jesse walked in front of Beca, as if he was leading her to his house. “Beca?” Beca was oblivious.And as we all know, wishes can be dangerous. He had a Soulmate.They’re not Soulmates, despite what Jesse wishes.” “Are they eating again?” Jesse’s Soulmate and him shared tastebuds.” “Maybe they rely on you to eat all the fast food,” Beca joked, but the slightly murderous glint in Jesse’s eyes made her begin to pack up.

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I mean, you’re gonna drag me to them now right?” Beca asks, lifting her head up, and looking at the ginger’s eyes. “Nothing. “ Beca says laying back on top of her.I just don’t want you to get hurt, you know. I know you so well Chloe. “Heyyyyyy!” Beca pouts, burying her face in Chloe’s hair. Miyuki Kazuya x Sawamura Eijun. How it might just come crashing down.They sing together, and Chloe leaves the brunette’s shower stall with her boy toy.Now she had ruined her relationship with Beca and Aubrey.” He says patting her on her shoulder.She had been so happy when the seniors graduated and they were finally the leaders of the group.” She scoffs.It couldn’t be anyone other than Aubrey, right. “ She says to her, trying to not get pushed off of the bed.Because I’ll stop. “Oh Beca.Her dad had told her that if she tried her first year, and she still wanted to become a DJ in LA despite trying hard to participate in college life, that he’d let her.” She sighs, burying her face in Aubrey’s shoulder. She didn’t realize it until now, but she’s nervous. Gross.Aubrey gave me her keys and told me you were here. “Do you like her Chloe?”Aubrey asks, and she doesn’t even need to answer.Get out of my room!” She jokingly pushes the brunette off of her. Overwatch High School Alternate Universe. “Finally. “You two are disgustingly adorable.How it might change their relationship forever.She had dated a Bobby Markham, but his birth name was Robert, which made his initials RM, thus making it impossible for him to be her soulmate. “Its nothing. Can I talk to you for a second?” She asks, and Beca looks at her from her desk.It varies by person, but everyone usually spends time trying to find theirs.What she realizes is that she gad forgotten to ask her her name.” He says to her and leaves the room.Maybe some hot girl motivation couldn’t hurt.The day of the audition comes, and the brunette decides to arrive at the audition, and sings a song with cups at the end. I can’t help but love you.Beca had called for her friend Stacie to come pick her up at the mall right away, which she did, with her flavor of the week, Jesse Owens.She stops the whole argument, and the group shares an amazing moment and the next second, Aubreys tossing her pitch pipe over to Beca.Right? When she gets back to her dorm after practice one day, she tries to work on her mixes.The Bellas were back in the Finals, and that she wanted Beca to join the practice on Monday.But right now, it doesn’t matter, she presses a gentle kiss on the ginger’s lips and closes her eyes, falling asleep. “Beca scoffs.

Summary: Chloe goes to Beca?s dorm room looking for Beca but ends up talking to Kimmy Jin instead.Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings.Expectations (and Equations) by thecousinsdangereux It's simple math, really; if x plus 1 equals 3, then x equals 2.Kimmy Jin figures out Chloe has feelings for Beca and gives the redhead advice on how to let Beca know..Characters: Chloe Beale, Beca Mitchell, Kimmy Jin

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Beca knew her father was smart enough to pick and choose his battles.Beca jumped to her feet and started waving her jacket over her head in an attempt to flag down the driver.I just don’t know what’s gotten in to her!” his voice was hushed but there was a sense of frustration behind every word.Comments: 5 Kudos: 104 Bookmarks: 9 Hits: 2584.Or rather, blows thrown at daughter by father.A career plan formed in her head and she was determined to see it through. Human fennekin. The feisty little brunette didn’t want to give in but, with exception of running away and living on the street, she didn’t see an alternative.I’ve seen what you call her “bad decisions” they have never seemed like anything more than decisions to me,” the older blonde put her foot down and stared down her nose at her husband. “If case you haven’t noticed, Benjamin, I’ve been around for a lot of her life too.But once she meets a fiery redhead, her mind might change a little bit.Also: I don't own Pitch Perfect or any of its characters.Beca didn’t think it was a coincidence that every other time the subject was brought up thereafter, her stepmother wasn’t home.It’s too late for you to go in to school for the day.She wasn’t sure what to make of her step mother after tonight. “Well, if you don’t have anything to say to defend yourself, I’m going in to work to catch my last lecture for the day,” he stated and grabbed his suit jacket from where it lay across the dining room table, “You can go to your room and stay there until you decide to become an upstanding member of society.She closed her eyes and hoped the step-monster wasn’t coming up here with the intent of checking on her.She wanted to cry but set her face in a stone-cold glare and endured three hours of yelling and exasperated sighs without uttering so much as a sound.The side job she had as a DJ for parties and school functions definitely helped as well.Her father decidedly lifted the small brunette by her waist and threw her over his shoulder and turned back toward his car. “We met while you were still married to her mother when she was 8, Ben.Unfortunately for her, she usually lost them. “Dad what about my car?!” Beca started struggling against her father’s grip. Mitchell finally walked back through the front door. Takumi and Corrin. Sadly, as it had already once that day, her hopes were diminished at the sound of her name being called.She drove for hours without a clue of where she was going.Unsurprisingly, his essays got her in with ease and he held the acceptance letter over his daughter’s head every time she tried fighting back against his plan for her to go to school.

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No luck again.When the brunette wasn’t there she decided to try the radio station.Either that or she doesn’t want to hurt my feelings by turning me down so she’s ignoring me hoping I’ll eventually give up. “Whatever,” Kimmy Jin said as she went back to work on whatever papers were in front of her on her desk.” Chloe sighed, talking about her feelings for Beca always gave the redhead anxiety. “I honestly don’t think she gets it, because I see her when you come around and she’s always very happy to see you. How to make a lyric prank video. ” “Do you mind if I wait around for awhile and see if she shows up?” Chloe asked as she sat on the foot of Beca’s unmade bed.Beca was holding a styrofoam coffee cup in her hand and looked a mess.I was thinking maybe we could talk.” Chloe shrugged and ran her fingers through her curls pulling slightly on the ends as she did when she was nervous. “Secondly calm down.” Kimmy Jin said as she tried to close the door in Chloe’s face.Chloe put on her biggest brightest smile in an attempt to try to soften Kimmy Jin up a little.Obviously she started with the quad first thinking maybe Beca had waited for her.” Beca said already fixing her hair and digging through her laundry basket for her cleanest dirty shirt.Chloe never really understood why the roommates never got along.Throwing herself back on Beca’s bed and letting out a loud huff.I appreciate the advice though, who knows it might just work.I guess we just missed each other.At first she looked shocked to see Chloe, and then she just looked relieved.” Chloe laughed.When the door swung open she was face to face with a very pissed off looking Kimmy Jin.Kimmy Jin figures out Chloe has feelings for Beca and gives the redhead advice on how to let Beca know. Justice league fanfiction meet the bat family. It’s kind of gross actually. “Well full disclosure I want to be with her so bad. “I’m sorry Becs, once I realized I had overslept, I started looking for you.After knocking on Beca’s dorm room door, Chloe fidgeted nervously bouncing up and down on the balls of her feet.Chloe found it hard to keep quiet and after about thirty minutes she started to get antsy.” Beca said as she made her way into the room and over to her bed where she greeted Chloe with an awkward hug and the cold cup of coffee. “Okay first of all come on in,” Kimmy Jin said sarcastically pulling Chloe into the room by her elbow so she could shut the door behind them.Chloe put her foot between the door and the doorway easing her way into the room.Beca could usually be found there stacking cds or talking to Luke about playing her music.

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How is the step-monster?” Lexa laughed again then coughed to cover it up. “Hi, any interest in joining our acapella group?”.She felt a hand shake her shoulder and turn her back walking forward with her friends.They had been her friends since middle school and they were always there for her, even when she wasn’t there for them.She was going to go back to dating girls again.Some perky girl in a BU polo came around to talk to ask Beca which dorm the girls were in. Viole tower of god. They went from booth to booth of sororities (there were a total of five on campus) and picked out their favorites before rush in a month. “Seriously Bree, if we can’t even get Bologna Barb we can’t get anybody!” her voice cracked. Mitchell shot a look at both girls before answering.Beca rolled her eyes, knowing that Lexa had done the same, when she heard the voice that followed the knock.They had a past that revolved around each other and knew they would always have their bond to fall back on.Aubrey said she was to “alternative” for their group but Chloe just had to talk to her.. “I don’t want to study on the Quad.The door flung open to reveal her middle aged father in all his college professor glory.Little did they know they would actually end up being “sisters”.Her dad started to drone on and on about the school and students, Beca couldn’t help but think about the man he was before the divorce, let alone before Shelia.When said girl called it “lame” all Chloe could do was look down at her clipboard with like four names on it.

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Beca was currently in her dorm room trying to get one of her mixes done but all she could think of was Chloe.Beca closes her eyes, her dreams were the only place she could have the old Chloe back. (Bechloe).Beca opened her eyes and the sight that met her scared the shit out of her.Once the door closes Beca snapped out of her induced state.With the help of her fellow Bellas and Jesse. Hansel & Gretel. And now that she's seeing it, she knows that she definitely felt something more than friendship with Chloe.I mean it hurts like hell for me but I'm happy for you that you finally figured out what you want.It's been two days since the ICCA's, two days since Beca's heart broke and two days since she's last had a decent conversation with Chloe.Chloe's smile was off and her body was shaking a little as if Chloe was holding herself up from breaking down.What I mean is that you like, like Chloe.Comments: 14 Kudos: 29 Bookmarks: 5 Hits: 1136.Then a tear slip from Chloe's eye and all Beca wanted to do was go to her and comfort her.Beca's adrenaline was pumping and she was kissing the guy just like in the movies.A loud pounding on the door wakes Beca up.Jesse gestures at Fat Amy and she hands Beca a giant boom box.That did it for Chloe, she couldn't take the pain anymore so she turns around and walks out the door.Beca was about to run to Chloe but a hand on her arm stopped her.I think that's why you're acting this way because you hurt the one person you actually like, like.What's going on? If you didn't want to kiss me then why did you.

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I look at every single inch of her body, I want to touch all of it but before I can even lay a finger on her she is on her knees throwing my leg over her shoulder.maybe I should take a short break.I was putty in her hands and it took me three minutes top to cum for her.I feel the pool of wetness that is building up in my underwear so I start rubbing myself through the soft fabric.She is holding my leg over her shoulder with one hand and grabbing my tit with the other hand.I imagine pinnig Chloe up against the wall and sliding my fingers into her. Female. She doesn't put my shirt back on me or even hand it to me instead she throws it on the floor and starts kissing me.I walk over to her while taking off my PJ bottoms and start kissing up her stomach to her neck.I mimick my thoughts and slide my finger into myself.She picks me up, undoes my bra and carrys me into the shower.It takes me a couple seconds to process what she is thinking about doing then I feel her tougne start to lap over my clit.Kimmy Jin is asleep in the bed across the room, I bit my lip trying not to think about Chloe but I just can't get those perfect tits out of my head.Comments: 2 Kudos: 77 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 5235.She undresses almost completly she is just in her bra and underwear, She starts the shower that we were in earlier today.I slowly put my hand under the waist band of my PJ bottoms, I start picturing Chloe standing there right in front of me with everything showing.She puts me down so I am standing under the shower head where we finish taking off our clothes.

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